Time-based media

A selection of my time-based works

Finished works:

 The murmurings of Ajá (Short film/video art, 2023)


Concept: a series recognizing plants as the bodies of gods, curated by the Korean visual research band ikkibawiKrrr. The series consists of 14 One Minutes. The selected films were submitted from Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States.

Each of her Scars has a story (Short doc, 2022)                                            as cinematographer, editor, producer, writer and director


Synopsis: A few weeks after going through health complications that led to a miscarriage, a 32 years old mother of two intimately revisits her complicated past.




From Here to There (Experimental, Short film, 2022)                                  as editor, producer, writer, and director


Synopsis: An old and wise woman sitting by the lake, reflecting on existence.

Muzunga (Short film, 2022)                               

as producer


Synopsis: An opinionated moto driver’s sanity is pushed to the edge when a total lockdown confronts him with the void in his life            


Sensory Overload (Experimental, Short film, 2020)                 

as producer


Synopsis: Sensory Overload is an audio-visual piece that explores how imagination can be an escape from the realities around us


Imuhira (Short film, 2021)                                                                           as cinematographer, editor and producer


Synopsis: Kanama’s dream-like journey back to her family does not offer the homecoming she hoped for. The initial solace of familiar surroundings and presence of friends is no comfort when she still feels tormented.


Mnemosyne (Experimental, Short film, 2019)                                                as cinematographer, editor, producer, writer, and director


Synopsis: Mnemosyne is a eulogy by a grieving and nostalgic man for a mysterious girl he met when he was desperate and anxious about life. The meeting brought hope and since then, they briefly enjoyed each other’s company till the girl’s complicated past and the unfairness of life took over and grabbed her away.


Melpomene (Short film, 2018)                                                                         as cinematographer, editor, producer, writer, and director


Synopsis:                                                                                                        For him:                             

Guiltiness, memories, sorrows, and the absence of his muse are all inseparably linked by time.


/ˈꞮƏRI/ (Experimental, Short film, 2017)                                                       as cinematographer, editor, producer, writer, and director


Synopsis: A confused man, his past or his present, dreams or reality, false or true awakenings! Who’s who? He can’t really tell. He’s just exploring an eerie situation, to see who or what’s there to be found.


Works In Progress:

Ijambo, (A cinematographic essay)                                                        Stage: Research and development

As Author, Editor, Director

Kinema (A feature Docu-fiction)                                                             Stage:  Post-production

As Author, Cinematographer and Co-director

“One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman” (a feature essay documentary)    

Stage: Post-production                                                                                Author, Cinematographer, Producer, Editor, and director

Qui est mon père? (A feature documentary)                                                 Stage: Production

As a cinematographer and Producer

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